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No artificial replacement is as good as your own natural teeth. Therefore, we try whenever possible to preserve your natural teeth and work with you to preserve them as long into the future as possible.

If the teeth are severely damaged, and if bacteria may already have penetrated into the dental pulp, root canal treatment is often necessary. In a root canal treatment, the diseased and inflamed dental pulp is removed. The treatment is performed under local anesthesia and is pain free.

In  a successful root canal treatment programme, it is essential that all root canals and side channels of a tooth are fully cleaned and disinfected. The process includes the isolation of the relevant area through the use of a small ‘rubber dam’ and careful examination with strong magnifying loupes. Since the root canals are often curved, we use flexible nickel-titanium files for root canal treatment. During the treatment, the length of the channel is continuously measured electrometrically. This is followed by a bacteria-proof filling of the channels from the base area up to the root tip. Deeply damaged teeth are stabilized through the process by the bonding of glass fiber posts. Since root-treated teeth are especially prone to breakage, a subsequent supply of a crown is necessary in most cases.


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